Losing A Pet Can Hurt As Much As The Death Of A Family Member But Many People Still Refuses To Accept It

For centuries, society has been in charge of minimizing the pain that a person suffers when they lose their pet. A dog, cat, bird or any other animal that you have been part of your life can break your heart at the moment of crossing the rainbow; although for many it is simple weakness.

Experts say that the death of a pet hurts even more than the loss of a family member.

In the XXI century and the alliance that people establish with their furry companions goes beyond the simple bond of accompaniment. Pets become an important part of the family, at least for those loving and responsible owners, that is why we must break the myth that one should not cry for animals.

In fact, for specialists like psychologist Julie Axelrod, mourning the loss of your pet is not only accepted, but extremely necessary.

Can’t you imagine the reason?

The time you shared with that little animal was vital to make you the person you are today because, even if you have ignored it, the fidelity of these creatures makes them always attentive and ready to offer unconditional love. Your pet is always there when you need it most, whether it’s to comfort you and cheer you up or to play some mischief that makes you laugh.

The animals become one more member of the family and for this reason one could not be indifferent when the pet was missing from the home.

When the hairy is properly a dog the matter becomes more intense. According to a study conducted by the Journal of Evolution and Human Behavior: “dogs and their owners form bonds as powerful as those with other humans.”

When we interact with our pet, our brain releases the same hormones as when we interact with a family member or loved one.

In fact, the satisfaction can be even higher.

“Making pet owners get more satisfaction from their relationship with the pet than with humans, because they provide a kind of unconditional relationship that is usually absent in those with other human beings.”

Another reason why it is more difficult to overcome the loss of your pet is that you always received unconditional love from them. For our furry ones we will always be the best person.

They don’t judge, they don’t punish, they just shower us with unlimited love at all hours of the day.

For this reason, the grieving process experienced by a person who has lost their most loyal companion is even more difficult than the loss of a family member. When our pet has crossed the rainbow we are not allowed to send him off the way he should be.

Society imposes a time of mourning when we lose a very loved human, but the same does not happen when that loved one is your pet. Why?

It seems that we still minimize the ties we establish with animals, due to the belief that they are inferior beings.

However, psychologists like Julie Axelrod make it clear that the feeling experienced when our pets die is the same as when we lose an acquaintance.

But the recovery process is even slower and more painful, because socially we are not allowed to mourn for them.

For our brain it is difficult to assimilate that that creature that waited for you every day when you get home from work is no longer there. That in case there will not be someone waiting for you with such fidelity, nor who will follow your steps at every moment of the day.

Yes, even if society refuses to accept it, the death of your pet can hurt you much more than the departure of that distant cousin or the aunt you haven’t seen since your ninth birthday. There are people with whom we share blood ties but not affective ties and that is why we must know how to respect those who mourn their pet.

We must not minimize our feelings, losing our furry ones also hurts and we deserve to live this process in a healthy way. Do not refuse to cry when necessary, but those yes: remember them beautifully.

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