She Cried Inconsolably For Her Drowned Dog Until A Stranger Sprang Into Action.

Over the years, dogs have developed an important relationship with humans. For most, they are much more than a pet and have become a member of the family or our best friends.

In summer animals desperately rush towards water to cool off and accidents can happen.

This is why the loss of a dog is too difficult for those who are close to him. The owner of a brown pit bull thought that he had lost his faithful friend when they were in a river and a terrible accident occurred.

Although the aspiration of fresh water is less serious than the salty one, it is still a very serious risk.

One of the people who could witness what happened, captured the heartbreaking moment in which the owner of the pit bull is desperate after having taken his dog from the river. Everything seems to point to the dog losing control and drowning.

The owner refuses to accept that he has lost his dog and, amid sad sobs, cries out for help.

Many people come up to try to help, but no one really knows what to do in such a situation.

The owner hugs him heartbrokenly and can’t stop crying. Fortunately, a woman took the initiative to give him CPR. The dog appears completely passed out, so the owner keeps him upside down while the woman performs chest compressions.

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation allows the animal’s organs to remain oxygenated.

After a few tense minutes, it seems that resuscitation has no effect, but more and more people are coming to help them and to keep the dog in the correct position so that the pressures can be more effective.

Following the woman’s directions, the owner begins to give his dog artificial respiration.

The pale color in the gums of the dog is a clear symptom of lack of oxygen.

In the video you can see the tension of the moment:

The owner does not seem willing to face the loss of his friend and does not stop talking to him and asking him to return. The tireless woman on her knees on the floor does not stop performing compressions and giving words of encouragement to all who are there.

If CPR shows no effect in about 10 minutes then there is nothing left to do.

After many attempts, the dog comes to itself and opens its eyes. The enormous work of all those who were present managed to save the life of the beautiful pitbull.

If CPR is done correctly, it can restore pulse and breathing to someone who has lost vital signs.

The owner’s reaction demonstrates the unique bond he has with his dog. She had to face tense moments of uncertainty, but fortunately, she will be able to continue in the company of her beloved puppy.

We invite you to share this amazing video on this pit bull’s miraculous resuscitation to encourage other owners to never give up.

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