Little Puppy Drags His Owner In The Brush To Save A Baby Fighting For Her Life

When a helpless baby finds himself fighting for his life, any puppy will try to save him by all means, even if he has to perform absolutely desperate and unexpected acts.

And it is that, every puppy that perceives that a human is in danger, will do anything to help him. That’s how loyal and loving these creatures are, even when the people who need help are complete strangers to them.

Our furry friends are very special beings with a unique instinct and a boundless sense of protection. They really never cease to amaze us.

This was demonstrated by Macho, a jack russell puppy who guided his owner out of the daily path of the park to help a baby who had been left to fend for herself in the bushes.

The puppy desperately dragged his owner to tell him that the baby was in danger


Macho did not rest until he led his owner deep into the undergrowth of a park in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

All he wanted was to help a newborn baby, who weighed just over 2 kilos and had been left wrapped in a T-shirt.

“I felt my heart pounding when I saw the baby,” Macho’s owner said.

The man could not believe what he was seeing, his heart was beating faster and faster in the face of an extremely cruel reality that he never imagined.

Macho was much more aware and concerned than the mother of the innocent baby.

Immediately, he grabbed the little girl and ran towards a Russian National Guard patrol that was guarding the park.

The outside temperature in St. Petersburg during those days was 4 degrees, and could reach several degrees below zero.

The baby was hypothermic, covered only by a t-shirt, and so weak she couldn’t cry.

“She was waving her little legs and her arms, but she was silent,” the alarmed man said.

The little girl was taken to the hospital just in time. The doctors reported that if they had arrived a little later the girl would not have survived, she had a serious lack of oxygen.

The newborn must have been crying for long hours and evidently the dog had heard her.

A spokesman for the Russian National Guard said that had it not been for Macho, the newborn might not have been found alive.

“It was highly unlikely that we would have noticed the baby if it wasn’t for Macho.”

This furry friend with great intelligence led his owner, very against his will, towards the deserted area of the park among the undergrowth.

It was very likely that the man had not listened to his dog

Luckily, that didn’t happen. And since then, he is proud to know that his pet is a hero.

At the bottom of the bushes he saw something small wrapped in a T-shirt.

Almost a week later, the medical personnel who treated the little girl confirmed that thanks to this beautiful puppy the baby had been saved and her recovery was very satisfactory.

One of the nurses described her as a warrior who has overcome a very difficult stage just hours after being born.

“She is a fighter. Our hearts ache for the baby and for her mother.”

The authorities began the search for the mother to find out what were the reasons that forced her to leave her newborn baby lying in the bushes.

“We can’t have situations like this.”

For the owner of Macho, it has not been easy to overcome the great discovery of his pet, who felt very upset with the situation.

Without a doubt, what this beautiful little dog did deserves a lot of recognition that he will most likely receive from the Police. Well done, male!

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