Little Orphan Decides To Sneak Under The Heat Of A Mother And Insists On Being Part Of The Litter

As we have been able to observe in the behavior of cats, these are quite independent animals, which do not necessarily require the company of another feline to coexist. In reality, they don’t need as much from others to be happy as pets.

However, not all copies are the same. There is always an exception to the rule. This is the story of a cute kitten who snuck up to a group of small puppies of the same species, but from a different mother, and decided that this would be his new permanent family.

Bella, a rescuer and faithful fighter for animal rights, originally from Indonesia, was the one who made the discovery of the little boy named Daniboi. The poor orphan kitten desperately needed to be pulled out of the deplorable situation he was in.

The around six-week-old feline was staying on the bones and its skin was hanging off them. He was very neglected and dirty, with ravenous hunger, after having spent so much time alone.

“He was about 1.5 months old when I found him on the street, covered in dirt and grease,” Bella said.

As she did not have a vehicle to transport the animal, Bella placed it in a box and, with great care and patience, gave it something to eat.


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The little boy devoured with relish all that he could fit in his tiny belly. After grooming and examining him carefully, Daniboi settled in and was finally able to rest peacefully.

When he was fully recovered, the furry joined the other three felines rescued by Bella. Weeks before Dani’s arrival, Bella took in a devastated pregnant cat. She finally gave birth to a litter of four, and that was when Dani learned of the existence of her future little brothers.

He listened to the little squeaks coming from the big box where the cat family resided and noticed that the mother adored her babies. The next morning, when Bella woke up, what was her surprise to find that Dani was lying comfortably on her back with her new friends.

“I was quite surprised. It was always so cute, but I never thought it would be so precious, ”Bella stated.

Despite having other kittens her age to cuddle, Dani continued to snuggle with the babies, as if she had always been part of the litter. Which did not matter in the least to Yu-Na, the mustachioed matron, who received him as one of her children.

Little Dani seemed happy, happy to have siblings to love and a protective mother to turn to. Even though he was the largest in size, he really enjoyed behaving like a baby. He continued to be breastfed by his surrogate mother until he was three months old.

When he was ready to position himself in a new life, the kitten was adopted by a wonderful new family who treat him with so much love and who renamed him Rocky. Thanks to the love of his adoptive cat family who welcomed him with love, today he can live a happy life.

Share this story with your family and friends. Fortunately, the former stray kitten has grown into a cheerful and playful boy. He loves his life, with no major things to worry about.

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