Little Dog Snuggles Into Mom’s Clothes To Find Comfort When She’s Away

Kalina is a charming German Shepherd dog who lives happily with her mother, Raven Atchison; Like any other dog, she loves her mother and enjoys spending a little time cuddling her as an adorable routine every day. Kalina’s love is so great that when her mother is not at home, she goes through a moment of anxiety and a bit of stress. Luckily she found a lovely way to cope.

Raven is aware that her sweet dog experiences a bit of separation anxiety, and has tried to support her, even struggling to stay home as long as possible. And when he must go out, he makes sure he knows everything that happens at home with Kalina.

Raven told The Dodo:

“I set up these cameras so that when I’m away from home, I can see how she’s doing and make sure she’s okay. And to see if there are stressors in their environment when I’m not there.


Perrita calma su ansiedad acurrucándose en la ropa de mamá
Imagen/ Raven AtchisonOne day, while the woman was checking the cameras, she could see an unexpected behavior on the part of Kalina, who was feeling somewhat distressed by being alone at home, and to help her anxiety, she decided to gently take a piece of clothing from her mother and snuggled over her; it was her way of feeling the presence of her loved one by her side.


After watching the video, Raven recalled that on some occasions in the past, she used to find clothing items scattered around the house and she never managed to remember how they got to those places. Now he knew exactly why and he was completely adorable.

The woman added:

«My heart melted completely! I am incredibly touched that just my scent is so comforting to her. To have been able to see her snuggle in my clothes and then lie down quietly and peacefully with her, it made me happy all day.

Perrita se acurruca en la ropa de mamá
Imagen/ Raven Atchison

Kalina’s gesture completely filled her mother’s heart, and while she must leave her at home on occasion, Raven now knows that her cunning furry always finds a way to handle her anxiety in the most adorable way there can be.

Finally, Raven said:

“She definitely solved the mystery with a very cute answer.”

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