Lion Dad Tries A New Parenting Strategy But Cubs Do Not Let Him

The animal kingdom surprises us with unexpected moments every day and perhaps adds joy to our sad day. However, while you may get out of a pet dog, or a cat, or generally family pets, to act funny, sometimes the brave predators also have their silly moments. Let’s take this astonishing lion, for instance, that’s antics sent out everybody into giggling.

In a very unusual, yet funny, video clip, a lion man just shows the world, that being a father isn’t the easiest task. A lot more, judging incidentally he’s in fact escaping from duties, you may think it’s actually the hardest. Nevertheless, with 4 excited cubs on your way, the day can be rather difficult to manage. OR, you can use this father’s strategy.

The moment– caught on a short video footage– ludicrously recreates scenes from The Lion King, where the jovial Simba simply can’t get enough of his papa, Musafa. Only this time around, we have not one, but 4 Simbas. A hard task, right?

Anyway, the video clip shows the lion father apparently supervising with his little ones. However he’s planning that he might keep an eye on them from afar. Yet in cubs vision that’s not going to happen as they unceasingly keep it up with the male, even when he’s literally escaping.

Certainly, not the most proper instance of parenting, but is worth viewing. After all, this video obtained greater than 18 million views. So, take a peek:

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