Labrador Comes Face To Face With A Huge White Lion, But Unexpected Things Happened

Camila the chocolate Labrador grew up in the company of some of the most dangerous wild beasts in Mexico’s “The Black Jaguar-White Tiger Foundation” sanctuary. However, her special bond with Miki the white lion is one of a kind! Despite their visible differences, Miki and Camila are two peas in a pod who devotedly stick together at both good and bad days.

This video captures one of the unique instances when Camila and Miki have a minor falling-out during their playtime. Owing to his inherently touchy temperament, Miki is the first one to left the scene. But Camila patiently lingers by the enclosure and waits for her foolish buddy to calm down.

As expected, Miki feels bad about being angry and soon returns to his tail-wagging doggie friend with a sorry look on his face. The friendly lion adorably hangs his head in remorse as he comes closer to Camila and gently grabs her paw. In an attractive gesture to seek forgiveness, he kisses her paw and begs her to forget their petty battle of words. Aww!

Being merciful to a fault, Camila is obviously not one to hold grudges. It’s all water under the bridge for her as she brushes aside the issue and engages the still-sulking Miki in a game of chase. The friendship between these contrastingly unconventional friends is baffling on so many levels!

Click the video below to watch Miki and Camila’s unconventional love shining through in their little apology encounter!

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