Biologically, is crocodile immortal?

If people want to learn about immortality, perhaps we should learn about crocodiles. From a scientific point of view, crocodiles are considered as creatures capable of defeating death except for external causes such as illness or human .

Except for external effects, death is the end point of aging, the definition of aging is a term used to indicate a gradual decline in the body with age. Specifically, the aging process weakens the muscles, reduces the body’s ability to function, causing the senses to lose important characteristics. An extremely important point is that most animals are capable of aging. Even so, there are special cases like crocodiles.

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The big guy has the ability to live up to 2000 years.

This reptile denies completely the definition of “aging” when a 70-year-old crocodile will be no different from a 7-year-old for agility and another biological index. Yale University experts have published research evidence that the secret of this story lies in the crocodile genome as they allow symbiotic bacteria to participate in the body’s immune system , This slows down the aging process on this reptile. Even if an individual has enough food to survive, it can live up to 2000 years.

Time does not weaken them, only that they are growing, but to keep up with this development crocodiles need a lot of food. That is why the actual reptiles can still die despite the theory that they can reach immortality, if there is not enough food, the crocodile will fall into starvation beside the cases of plague or human killing.

Although we will never find a 1000 year old crocodile that is 15 meters long, but in 1957, an Australian hunter knocked out a crocodile measuring 8.1 meters long and weighed nearly 3 tons. Even the longest crocodile that died in 1997 in Russia also passed the 115-year-old threshold.

The image of the largest crocodile that humans encountered in 1957.

People are trying to discover more the  longevity  secret of this giant reptile. Even in a speech called The World in 2030 (Dr. World in 2030), Dr. Michio Kaku – one of the most famous names for future technologies – has confirmed in addition to the methods prolonging the current life, scientists are actively seeking to test the anti-aging mechanism of crocodiles on other organisms before applying them to humans.

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