Kitten Waits Patiently While Her Grandmother Practices Surgery On Her Favorite Teddy

When Lucas was just a kitten, he fell in love with a stuffed leopard his same size. Four years later, Lucas has grown up, but he never stopped loving his favorite toy.

“I got the toy from my local zoo, along with some other stuffed animals,” said Alana, Lucas’s owner.

The stuffed animal has gotten a bit deteriorated with age, but Lucas doesn’t seem to mind. The leopard has something special: he is Lucas’s little friend.

Last year, Alana’s grandmother moved in with the family and she immediately fell in love with Lucas. She noticed the leopard state of the cat (the padding was coming out, the fur was tattered) and decided to bring it back to life.

“He’s had this toy for probably four years, and it ripped due to wear and tear,” Alana said. “My grandmother moved in with us last year and she really loves Lucas. She saw that her favorite toy was ripped, so she sewed it back ”.

Lucas was fascinated by the needle and thread moving through his toy and he sat patiently while Grandma performed surgery on his friend.


“He was there the whole time,” Alana said. “He was very interested in what she was doing.”

When Lucas’s grandmother finished, she returned the toy to the cat, as good as new, and it was clear that she was delighted with the results. Thanks to his sweet gesture, Lucas can play with his favorite toy for years to come.

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