Kitten Surprised To See Unexpected Guest On The Front Porch

It is wonderful when two different species create an unusual friendship. We have seen many examples, such as the dog and the cat being the best friend although they are believed to hate each other.

But here is something even more unusual.

This is about a kitten and a deer meeting each other for the first time. The kitten is just too excited and curios when it saw a deer.

It all happened when a baby deer came to the backyard. One day, Miro the kitten and her owner saw a baby deer in the back yard and they went to check it out. That was when the kitten got all excited and approach carefully to examine the fawn.

However, it seemed deer does not care about that cat at all. Or maybe it was playing hard to get?

Whatever it was, Miro didn’t get any attention from the baby deer, and it led to this adorable video!

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