Kitten Can’t Stop Smiling When She Finds A Family To Help Her With Her Only Kitten

In early March, a tabby kitten named Scarlet was taken to the volunteer-run Ashley’s Kitten Academy animal rescue center in Seattle, Washington, United States, along with her only kitten, Scout, who was only a few days old.

Initially, Scarlet was very nervous and scared, but when she met her adoptive family she relaxed little by little and even purred shyly. Scout received all the attention and care of her mother; she showered him with love and sweet baths to keep him clean.

Ashley Morrison, the founder of Ashley’s Kitten Academy, told Love Meow:

“It is not often that you see a mother with a baby. This little guy is going to screw up so bad. Scarlet desperately needed medical attention. It had a large suspicious lump on the side and a matted spot on the other side.


Adorables gatitos rescatados
Facebook/ Youngest Old Cat Lady

After visiting the vet, they discovered that the lump turned out to be an abscess, and with treatment and medications in addition to proper care, good food, and a warm, comfortable bed, Scarlet quickly improved. Soon her personality began to flourish.

Scarlet is missing her upper canines and tends to stick her tongue out and give some very sweet looks when she sees her humans.

Gatita y su único gatito
Facebook/ Youngest Old Cat Lady

Ashley says:

“She’s happy to see me when I walk into the room and she starts purring and looking for scratches on her back.”

Gatita no puede dejar de sonreír
Facebook/ Youngest Old Cat Lady

The kitten was recovering quickly and had much more energy to focus on taking care of her only kitten. The curious feline quickly learned to let out its purr and turned it on every time it was suckled by its mother.

Scout quickly gained weight, had more strength, and began to walk and explore the entire place. Sweet Scarlet cheered him on with a gentle pat on the back, giving him the reassurance to continue.

Adorable gatito
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By the time Scout was 3 weeks old, he weighed just over a pound. Scarlet made sure to keep him up to date on his food, and it was already starting to show.

Ashley says:

He’s big for his age, but I’m not surprised because he’s the only one at the milk bar.

Gata atigrada y su bebé
Facebook/ Youngest Old Cat Lady

Scout was growing up and letting out his playful personality, and his mother also let out his inner kitty and they spent a lot of time playing. Ashley put a camera in the room and could see Scarlet scampering around and throwing her toys together and then gathering them up and sharing them with her kitty.

Mamá gata y su único gatito
Facebook/ Youngest Old Cat Lady

Scout continues to grow and learn to be a well-behaved kitten, while his mother watches him closely.

Ashely assures:

“Now he has more toys and I can’t wait to give him more space to play. Scarlet is a great mom and Scout is a very plump happy boy. She takes good care of him.

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Facebook/ Youngest Old Cat Lady

Scarlet and her only kitten are thriving and very happy in the foster home. The mother cat has flourished after all she has lived through. She enjoys being pampered and having her belly rubbed, and every morning she greets her host family with a grateful smile.

Mamá gata y su gatito
Facebook/ Youngest Old Cat Lady

You can find out about the work they do at the Youngest Old Cat Lady rescue center on their Facebook and Instagram accounts, and also get updates about Scarlet and her only kitten.

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