Kitten Cut Off His Owner’s Earphone Cable And Returns With Snake As An Exchange

If there’s something cat lovers can all agree on, it’s that kitties are just cute and naughty at the same time.

They’re naughty and if you are angry to them, with just a cute stare and a cuddle, they will be forgiven immediately.

Just like Haryanto Pherwirra Ramadhani’s 8-month-old cat, who likes to play, and sometimes… break things.

One time, he left his earphones on his bed and the naughty little kitty played with them. After biting and scratching them for a while, he eventually broke them. When Haryanto saw the cable torn in half, he got really angry and scolded the kitty, who immediately ran away.

After a while, the cat returned with his own peace offering: he caught a snake and offered it as a gift to Haryanto to replace the cable he had ruined.

Snakes are scary even when they’re as small as an earphone cable, but the little cat probably thought his human would have been happy to have one to replace the cable he destroyed.

Haryanto was surprised by his kitty’s gift and felt sorry for scolding his furry friend.

Snakes are uncommon to find in his neighborhood, so the cat must have put a lot of effort into finding something to ‘replace’ the earphones.
Obviously, Haryanto forgave his little friend.

Such a cutie!

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