Larry Verne’s Unmatched Artistry Shines Bright in His Musical Time Capsule, “Mr. Custer”

“Mr. Custer” is a novelty song by American singer Larry Verne. The song was released as a single in 1960 and became a hit.

The song is known for its comedic and satirical lyrics, which tell the story of a soldier, presumably Private Custer, who hesitates to join General Custer’s infamous “Last Stand” at the Battle of Little Bighorn. The lyrics humorously convey the soldier’s fear and reluctance to participate in the battle, with the repeated refrain of “What am I doin’ here?”

“Mr. Custer” was a commercial success and became Larry Verne’s most well-known song. It reached high positions on the charts and became a pop culture phenomenon, reflecting the popularity of novelty songs in the early 1960s.

Novelty songs like “Mr. Custer” often used humor and satire to entertain audiences, and they were a notable part of the music scene during this era. While Larry Verne is primarily remembered for this novelty hit, “Mr. Custer” remains a classic example of the genre and is appreciated for its comedic storytelling.

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