Carl Carlton’s Melodic Rendition of “Everlasting Love”

“Everlasting Love” is an R&B and pop song originally recorded by Robert Knight in 1967, but Carl Carlton’s version, released in 1974, is among the most well-known renditions of the song.

Carl Carlton’s rendition of “Everlasting Love” is characterized by its upbeat and energetic sound, featuring a catchy melody and Carlton’s soulful vocals. The lyrics convey a message of enduring love and the desire for a love that lasts forever.

Carl Carlton’s version of “Everlasting Love” was a commercial success, reaching the top of the Billboard Hot 100 and becoming one of his signature hits. It is often associated with the R&B and pop music of the mid-1970s.

The song remains a classic in the R&B and pop genres and is frequently included in collections of love songs and dance-pop hits. Carl Carlton’s version of “Everlasting Love” is celebrated for its infectious and feel-good qualities.

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