In the Room Completely Filled With Toilet Paper, The Cat Didn’t Know What To Do

Meet Pusic the cat, who was saved as a stray kitten who was in a bad condition from the streets of Belarus in 2014. Not long after, his new family found out that, like many cats, Pusic loved to play with toilet paper. Because of loving him, his parents decided to give him a special surprise by creating an amazing playroom for him.

They bought 100 new rolls of toilet paper and filled all over the living room with them – on the wall, on the floor, and on the ceiling. They set up a camera as well to record how Pusic was going to react in his new playroom. How’d the cat react? A brain blast for them! They are unpredictable!

Watch the video below:

After giving Pusic a few hours in the toilet paper-filled room, his parents started cleaning and planning to save it for Pusic’s enjoyment. “We try not to waste resources,” he said. “The toilet paper will be useful for future games and for new cat toys.”

After sharing the video of Pusic in the special playroom with toilet paper all over the room, it went viral with more than 600,000 people sharing the love. All in all, more than 100 million views have been racked up for his videos on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.

That day, Pusic may have been inside of a toilet paper pool. Although it is a touching gesture and really cute, it is a huge waste of toilet paper. The cat would’ve had more fun if allowed to unravel rolls of toilet paper. We hope they plan to recycle all that to avoid a waste of resources.

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