«I got desperate, I started to cry» – When He sees His Owner He Plays Dead Floating In A Pond

Although dogs are characterized by having a big heart, this does not exonerate them from being truly naughty if they set their mind to it. Surely your pet has played a joke on you at some time, but what Jonel’s owner had to go through has no limits and that is why the man went to the networks to tell his story.

This puppy knew how to get his owner’s attention after not playing with him during the day and the man almost had a heart attack when he found him.

Jonel left the house and took a dip in a pond near the property but when he noticed his human dad approaching he decided to play dead.

Perhaps no other actor is a better actor than this furry man and his performance was a great scare to his desperate owner who did not know how to assimilate what his eyes were seeing. The man was shocked to find the animal floating in the water and with the appearance of drowning but took his breath when he decided to approach to remove the body.

At that moment Jonel came out jumping on all fours … “Surprise, I’m alive!”

The man did not even know how to react, because despite seeing him walking and alive, it was difficult for him to recover from the scare that his pet had given him. Those few seconds of deception were a real torment for the man who fell for the joke.

Worse still is that this joking dog didn’t hold back his laughter the moment his human dad decided to scold him for the scare he had given him. It may be that for some the matter is unlikely but Jonel seems a more than intelligent dog and if you do not believe, just look at his reaction.

This story went viral after the owner shared his experience on the Facebook group Furr Station, in which more than 105,000 people were shocked by Jonel’s level of nastiness.

“I was looking for Jonel, I find him like that, I despaired, I started crying, and when I finally got the courage to get him out of there he came out of the water as if nothing had happened. Look at his naughty face! This is not a joke Joneeeeeel !!! », wrote the owner of the animal in the publication.

If the puppy wanted to teach his owner a lesson, he surely succeeded and before leaving him alone and unattended, this man will surely find a way that the dog does not even have time to come up with another joke of this type.

Stories like these show that dogs are more like man than we think, share it and let us know if your pet has ever been deceived in such a way.

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