Hundreds Of Helpless Animals Were Fighting For Their Lives In A Fire Until Their Hero Arrived

There are people who feel so much love for their profession that they do not care to make the necessary changes or even expose themselves in any way, as long as they do what they are so passionate about.

One of these dedicated professionals is the specialist Basilio Stankewitsch, an Argentine who did not hesitate to travel to the Andean region to help those most in need.

Behind this man is a great story.

The man did not want to sit idly by when he learned of the emergency, a raging fire was developing in the south of the country that harmed the lives of hundreds of animals.

For Basilio it was urgent to serve in that place.

The man traveled more than 500 kilometers, from the city of Comodoro Rivadavia, to settle near the affected area.

His sole purpose was to help, so Stankewitsch did not come empty-handed. The man carried a series of medical supplies to treat the affected animals, most of whom had suffered burns.

There were many domestic animals that could not flee from the flames.

Once in the place, this veterinarian communicated with the Andean Comarca Animal Protector to make himself available and with the joint work to be able to help so many creatures.

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The joint work paid off and dozens of animals have benefited from the help of Basilio and the beautiful work provided by the Protectora de Animales.

“Within everything here is already quite organized and the situation has been controlled a lot. There are many donations of food and medicine from all over the province, from Río Negro and Neuquén, ”said Stankewitsch.

Although the flames have been somewhat controlled, there is still much work to be done at the site. The makeshift care camps have not yet been erected, as many affected animals have fled the area and must be located and cared for.
“There are still many animals scattered in different parts of the mountain, in the El Pedregoso area there were still outbreaks and there is a lot of mortality of farm animals; some producers of 90 cows have been able to rescue 9, all the others dead burned by the fire, as well as other farm animals “, added Basilio.

The fire intensified on March 16 and Basilio did not hesitate to set out on the journey. He still has a lot of hard work to do, but the commitment he has shown to his career is certainly worthy of admiration.

“Although the danger is over, if the weather permits it and there is no wind, it could be under control shortly,” he commented.

The initiative of this veterinarian reflects the importance of working together because with his example he motivated his colleagues from Bariloche, Ricardo Rojas, Esquel, El Hoyo and Bolsón who have already joined the cause.

If not for Basilio and the other volunteers, many creatures would have lost their lives but they still need a lot of help to bring all the rescued creatures forward and that is why they decided to share the story of the committed veterinarian and motivate the public to help.

Basilio Stankewitsch is a man who arouses admiration, shares this note, and that his colleagues see the love and commitment with which this career should be exercised.

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