Homeless Man Agrees To Stay Overnight In Shelter After His Dog Is Sheltered By Officers

Many think that dogs are faithful only because of dependency, because they need someone to take care of and feed them. However, the reality is that the relationship that can be established between a human being and his pet goes far beyond food. Dogs are our best company.

Don José and his dog, Rubio, have lived together for years on the streets of Ciudad del Este, in Paraguay. Since they met, they became inseparable in the good times and the not so good, which, in fact, have been the most, due to the condition of life that both lead.

Don José is in love with his dog. Well known and loved in his city, he has been on the streets for quite some time. All the neighbors and authorities know where to find him, they are supportive and it is very easy for everyone to help him.

The truth is that Don José has the good fortune of being watched by many people who care about his well-being, more than earned by his great kindness. However, what gives Don José the most security is the company of his beloved puppy Rubio.

In recent days, this wonderful pair touched a group of police officers, who saw them sleeping together and hugging. The freezing temperatures caused them to intervene to save them.

Don José allowed him to be taken to a shelter on the sole condition that Rubio accompany him. He wasn’t willing to leave him alone for a second, especially in these conditions. And, that is how the uniformed men let the dog go up to the patrol and both were transferred to a shelter.

What followed melted the hearts of members of the Paraguayan police force. Once that man had chosen his place for the night, Rubio followed him and gently leaned beside him until the two of them abandoned themselves in the arms of Morpheus, always accompanying each other at all times.

Rubio looks like a baby sleeping in his sweater and vest that they gave him at the shelter

“José is in love with his dog, the officials put clothes on Rubio and then when I saw them lie down next to each other, I took a picture of them,” said Sonia Barrios, one of the shelter’s directors.

After seeing and imagining this beautiful scene, we have no doubt that dogs and pets, in general, are our ideal companions, the most faithful and sincere, who do not know how to hurt or resent, pure and tender souls, in Finally, angels without wings fallen to Earth to give us love and fidelity.

“That dog just needs to talk, he’s too smart and loving. Not a single moment detaches himself from Don José, nor he from his puppy Rubio, they are the best friends anyone would like to have ”, added Sonia.

The story of Don José and Rubio reminds us of the importance of taking good care of a pet, even in the most complicated and difficult situations. That is why we love them so much, because they will always be present with us and, even when death calls, they will remain in our memory.

Share this story of love and fidelity with your best friends. Show your dog how much you love him because, when a man shows mercy and cares for all living creatures, only then can he be considered noble.

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