Homeless Cat Comforts An Abandoned Puppy That Just Awaits The Return Of Its Owners

Generally, people conceive that cats and dogs do not get along by nature. However it is not always so. We speak particularly of an abandoned dog, in front of a residence in South Korea, which receives the comfort, support and company of a small feline.

For about six months, the dog has made its place in front of apartment number 103 in the residential area. The neighbors state with amazement that despite the cold winter, the four-legged furry remains there in a corner located at the entrance. But, the most amazing thing is the company of a cat, which follows you day and night.

© Foto: YouTube / Kritter Klub

How do they survive abandonment?

When people approach, the cat runs away. It is usually elusive, unlike the dog that acts as if it is waiting for someone in particular. “They don’t leave here looking at something in the same place, but the strange thing is that every time people pass by, the dog tries to check everyone’s face, unlike the cat that runs away,” says a resident.

The dog had a home. He was raised by an elderly couple who lived in apartment number 103. But they had to go to the Senior Care Center, and they left their pet in an abandoned condition since they are not allowed to have pets on the premises.

Six months have passed since then, and for the past two months the cat has been with him. One of the residents was in charge of improvising a small house that protects both animals from the cold winter wind and marked it with the legend “temporary home for a stray dog ​​shivering with cold.”

© Foto: YouTube / Kritter Klub

But it is striking that the animal prefers to lie down in front of the entrance, day and night, accompanied by its faithful cat friend. And the reason is the eternal wait for the arrival of his master. “They hug to keep warm when they sleep together at night. Maybe they think they are in the same situation since they met on the street. They know they are different, but they get along well, they comfort each other ”.

© Foto: YouTube / Kritter Klub

The neighbors have been considerate, every time they pass they leave them some food, and this is how they have managed to survive. But as winter progresses, concern grows as they consider that the animals deserve help. So a rescue team goes to the site, and after arduous work, they manage to catch them to be cared for and get them a new home.

The veterinarian has assessed his condition. They are both in good health. Now, the residents trust that they will be loved in a warm place, that they will live well and receive a lot of love from a new family.

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