Hero Dog Max Swims Out Into River To Save Drowning Boy

A family dog has saved the life of a young child who was about to drown after being sucked out to the deepest part of a river.

Hero dog Max, who’s an amazing bulldog, swam out to the helpless child in the river mouth wearing a life jacket which the boy could hold onto.

Max was able to take the child to safety, becoming the newest four-legged hero of Port Noarlung in South Australia.
Max’s owner Rob Osborn was standing at the riverbank when he saw the boy in distress.

“The tide was going in and it was sucking the boy over to all of the big rocks, into a really deep part of the river over here.”

The young boy was swimming in the river mouth when he was caught in a tidal current, in Port Noarlunga, South Australia.
A Witness said that the boy was about to drown if the pair hadn’t raised the alarm.

But before Rob could even jump in the water himself, he saw Max had already begun to swim out to the boy in trouble.

Mr Osborn encouraged the boy to call Max’s name and to grab the handle on the dog’s personal life jacket to swim to shore.


The proud owner said: “He’s definitely a hero, he just doesn’t know it. He was just doing what he was told.”
Max’s breed has a bad reputation for aggression, however, the efforts of this hero dog may help to change this reputation.

“Max deserves a medal he is such a hero. So gentle and so brave but viewed by the world as dangerous.”

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