Here’s An Inspiring Story Of A Grizzly Cub Who Likes To Have His Feet Tickled

What would you do if you came across a grizzly bear while you were walking calmly in the forest? Do you run away, perhaps forgetting all the techniques you’ve heard from elsewhere, such as staying calm at first? The term “mama bear” exists for a reason and therefore, it is advisable to stay away from her cubs so as not to anger the mother. However, Casey Anderson is a photographer and the host of a National Geographic TV show. He’s also a naturalist and the founder of an organization called the Montana Grizzly Encounter. For his TV show, he introduced a rescued and orphaned grizzly bear cub that he named Bella, and he’s spent a lot of time with her.

Surprisingly, Bella loves to have her feet tickled. He released a trailer to his longer video, and in that, we get to meet Bella for the first time. In the longer video, he explained about his extraordinary and long-lasting friendship with another bear cub that he found more than 10 years ago named Brutus. It was his life with Brutus that encouraged Anderson to open the grizzly bear rescue sanctuary. He notes that the only thing people know about grizzly bears is what the bears are hostile, like killing hikers. The headlines are heinous and they indeed strike fear in the hearts of adventure seekers.

Anderson’s goal is to change people’s unnecessary fears and thoughts about bears into respect with different perspectives. Bella is cute and Anderson rescued her in 2016. In the longer video, he goes into a lot of detail about his life with Brutus and even wrote a book about Brutus, who is still alive and well. In fact, Brutus even has starred in a few movies, such as “Pretty Ugly People” and “Iron Ridge.”

Anderson also points out that what he does is not easy. For example, you should never try to keep a grizzly bear as a pet. However, three of the ones he has in his sanctuary were born in captivity and can never be released into the wild. Watch this adorable video of Bella below.

Here is the full-length video.

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