Herd Of Lions Takes Nap On A Road During Quarantine In South Africa

One of the happiest images of animals living carefree comes from a national park in South Africa, even as COVID-19 continues to keep humans at bay.

The official Kruger National Park Twitter account has shared a glimpse of these lions peacefully sleeping on a path while humans remain locked in their homes.

“These lions generally reside in the Kempiana Contract Park, an area that Kruger tourists don’t see. This afternoon they were lying on the road outside the Orpen rest camp, ”they shared on Twitter.

The Great Kruger National Park is allowing tourists to take a virtual tour using a live safari. Online streaming from Sabi Sands offers the chance to see lions, leopards and hyenas up close while sitting at home.

You can also interact with an expert ranger during the live broadcast. The online safari tour includes vehicles, walking guides, drones, balloons, rovers and remote cameras, all of that is free.


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