Her Addiction To Doritos Leaded Her To Overweight

An obese dog addicted to Doritos went on a diet after her weight rose to 10 kg.

Skylar and her belly weigh almost twice what an average Jack Russel should after her loving owners and neighbors continually giving her Doritos.

The four-year-old hound will eat everything in sight, including his owner’s other dog’s dinner, but he has a fondness for cheesy nachos and will easily devour an entire bag.

But after she developed problems with her breathing, veterinarians ordered the dog to swap the fries for carrots, and her owner Mandy Hannigan, 59, will increase the distance on her walks.

Ms Hannigan from Solihull, West Midlands said: “She was just a puppy when we got her and she was extremely skinny.”

“She just kept growing and growing – my other dog is a bit picky about his food, so Skylar would end up eating his food too.”

“Skylar eats absolutely everything, and it’s really hard to say no when she looks you with those puppy dog ​​eyes.”

“She loves Doritos. She also eats mini cheddars, Hula rings, pickled onions, hot dogs, whatever.”

“My neighbor calls her twice a day and gives her leftover meat, crackers and cheese, so now she is forbiddened to give her anything.”

“I want to help her lose weight for the sake of her health and happiness, so I entered Skylar at Pet Fit Club, a six-month diet and exercise challenge, and we hope to be selected as one of the lucky competitors.”

“The PDSA recognizes that you need to lose half your body weight, so our goal is now 5 kg.”

While Ms. Hannigan was feeding Skylar a healthy amount of dog food in the morning and at night, she hadn’t realized how much the hungry hound ate during the day.

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