Heartbroken Man In Tears Expected Worse But Their Reunion Is Touching

Sandy Hernández is the owner of two beautiful puppies who spent days of anguish looking for his faithful companions.

The mischievous pair of canine brothers managed to jump the fence of the patio of the house, and since then their human has not stopped looking for them all over Miami.

Sandy was truly devastated, and despite tirelessly searching every corner of the city, all to no avail.

They were all looking for two Siberian Huskies.


Fortunately, a man saw them wandering down the street and decided to take them to Miami-Dade Animal Services.

The puppies were safe, but their owner had no idea where they were. So after hours without hearing from them, he was already imagining the worst.

Since they arrived at the shelter, the puppies conquered the hearts of all the rescue personnel, they were even used as models for a photo session with Ocean Drive magazine.

You could see that they were absolutely spoiled puppies and full of love. So their role in the photos was very important, they wanted to promote an animal adoption campaign. They were far from suspecting that their owner cried uncontrollably for them.

Ragnar and Kloud were missing for two days.

The goal of the photos, at the same time, was also to speed up the adoption process for this beautiful couple and find them a new home.

Fortunately, Sandy had posted several flyers throughout the community in hopes that someone would recognize his beautiful puppies and give him valuable information on finding them. He would never lose hope!

The news was released in all the local media.

Their prayers were soon heard, the same man who found and brought the puppies to the rescue center saw one of the ads and quickly contacted Sandy.

The man arrived just when his puppies were the stars of the photos


The man who rescued them told Sandy that he thought the puppies were strays and at Animal Service.

But of course, at one point his heart stopped, thinking that in those places euthanasia could be the safe destination for many animals if they don’t find a home soon.

Totally anguished, he began to pray to Heaven to arrive on time and to be able to hug his furry loved ones. There was no time to lose, and in a matter of minutes he was already in the shelter.

As soon as he arrived, tears began to roll down his face. And when he finally saw them, the first thing he said, in the midst of heartbreaking tears, was:

“That’s my dog, man! This is my dog!”.

Seeing them, he ran full of emotion and still with tears in his eyes towards the furry ones, who were just as happy to see their favorite person.

The cubs, 3-year-old Ragnar and 11-month-old Kloud, who are now back home with Sandy, bounced back and forth with wagging tails and sweet kisses their owner will never forget.

The emotional reunion has conquered thousands of hearts. Do not miss it!:

The man has decided to microchip both puppies and thus avoid such stressful situations in the future.

Congratulations on these furry ones who will return home, that place full of love where they have someone who cares about them.

The truth is that these reunions are so emotional that it is difficult not to be moved, and that we are filled with joy knowing that these beautiful puppies can still continue writing their story with their owner, who loves them with all his might.

Every puppy deserves the opportunity to feel loved and enjoy next to their special person. Let’s be a bridge so that more people can recover their lost friends!

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