Heartbroken And In Labor, She Crawls Into A Horrible Backyard To Give Birth

Life for stray dogs is full of constant challenges, challenges that increase even more when they try to give birth in a safe place to protect their young.

This is the story of Lexus, a pit bull dog who for a long time wandered from one place to another exposing not only the dangers that the street itself offers, but also the apathy of many people who from a distance were unaware that it was being alive that needed help.

Lexus was very scared, for the first few minutes she avoided contact with her rescuers.

Fortunately, there are more of us good and her luck changed after a family was alerted to hearing her cry all night after going into labor.

The family decided to call the Hope For Paws rescue group who quickly arrived to give her all the help this sweet mother needed.

Little by little the rescuers managed to gain her trust.

In desperation, she had crawled into a ramshackle yard to give birth to her cubs.

When rescuers arrived Lexus was scared and tried to escape. However, the neighbors came together and made sure it stayed within the property’s parameters by creating makeshift fences.

She was weak, a strong pain in her stomach prevented her from feeding her young well.

After a short chase they managed to capture her and put her in a safe place, then the rescuers proceeded to search for the pups, the scene was even more heartbreaking, a lot of puppies were lying on the ground.

Unfortunately, one of them had passed away, the others were fighting for their lives.

The dog at first did not trust her rescuers, after a few minutes she realized that they were there to help her and the puppies, little by little she gave in to their charms.

When she was transferred to the Lexus shelter, she was nursing her young when something unexpected happened, she felt a sharp pain in her stomach and crying was once again inevitable.

For a long time the sweet dog ate garbage waste.

The vet decided to X-ray her where it was revealed that she had a metal lid lodged in her stomach. It is believed that the dog had eaten waste from the garbage to hide her hunger.


Although surgery was necessary while breastfeeding, it was not an option. So rescuers induced artificial vomiting to help her remove the lid lodged in her stomach. It was not easy, but after a long process the sweet mom felt much better.

The puppies are growing up healthy and strong next to their mother.

Finally, this brave mother is enjoying all the attention her rescuers give her. It is only a matter of time before they find permanent homes forever. Infinite thanks to those who participated and did everything possible to improve the quality of life of this adorable furry family.

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