He Was Born Different And Raised Fearing People, But When Feeled Love, He changed

This story will make you happy. It’s been a while since we initially found out about Quasimodo the canine, so we thought we would certainly inform you about how is he right now.

This very rare pup is one of only 15 canines of his kind in the world … but his Mom would possibly say that he is even uniquer than them.

This adorable fur-baby was born with a rare disorder called brief spine syndrome. As his Mom says, “He’s a real German Shepherd … simply shorter.”

He was found as a stray dog in Kentucky. Quasi was scared of people and very shy. But after he got to know a love by a human called Rachel, his personality appeared.

Nowadays he’s enjoying life running in the snow, playing with his buddies, and going after girl canines (obviously, he’s fairly the ladies’ man!).

His human started Secondhand Hounds, a non-profit that saves hundreds of animals a year, and that’s where Quasimodo gets all the treatment and focus he needs.

He has to do some things differently from other canines, like eating his food without bending down, however he’s now a pleased, care free puppy that has located fans around the world … including us!

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