He Finds A Mother Who Was Lying On Her Last Breath And Promises Her That She Will Take Care Of Her Babies

Dogs are extremely fascinating beings who are always willing to give their love unconditionally, especially when it comes to their little babies for whom they could even give their lives.

Sadly, this is what happened to Gaia, a pregnant dog who was left to fend for herself on the streets of California. Despite everything, the beautiful dog never gave up and struggled every day to provide some food to the defenseless beings that were growing inside her.

In addition, on the way Gaia met two noble women who cared for her during the last three months of her pregnancy. Although they wanted to give her a home, the dog refused to trust humans again and preferred to take care of her children alone.

However, the concerned women turned to the Bill Foundation so that the dog could have all the necessary help when giving birth to her puppies. Also, the foundation turned to Hope For Paws so that the dog and the newborns could have a home.

That is how a rescuer, named Eldad Hagar, arrived at the place of the expected delivery in search of the dog and the puppies. However, he only found the three babies, there was no trace of the mother.

“I kept looking back to make sure the mother didn’t run away to protect her cubs,” Eldad noted.

Soon after, a stranger approached the rescuer and reported terrible news: the dog had been run over and was lying on the side of the road.

Eldad immediately went to where the dog’s lifeless body was found and, moved by the event, made the most important promise of his life: he promised that he would take care of her little babies.

“I’m sorry they did this to you. I promise you that I will save your babies, ”Eldad said.

Quickly, the man returned to where the cubs were to fulfill his promise, but the babies were scared and hid in a large hole. To get them out of hiding, Eldad used food to get their attention and this worked for one of the puppies who was christened Sydney.

Although the man already had one of the cubs with him, Sydney’s loud screams caused his brothers to push further into the hole and Eldad could not reach them.

“At the time, the other two cubs were really scared and didn’t come out of the hole for two hours,” Eldad mentioned.

The man feared that the cubs would continue to enter the hole and that it would be impossible to get them out so, in the midst of his despair, he brought the inert body of the mother for the babies to come closer. Thus he managed to rescue the beautiful Matilda, but still had to rescue a third baby.

After four long hours of waiting, the third puppy finally decided to come out, she was much more difficult to catch than her brothers, and she was named Gabriella. When the three puppies were reunited, the rescuer took them to the shelter where in a matter of days they found a new family that will give them all the love that Gaia would have wanted.

This unusual event reminds us of the importance of taking good care of animals. We cannot abandon them to their fate and much less when they are in a state as delicate as a pregnancy, we must give them all the love and care so that the happy mother can see her babies grow.
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