Guy Took Off His Shirt From His Back And Gave It To A Cold Stray Dog

Stray dogs are often seen roaming the busy streets of Brazil, looking for food and shelter, but few people see a man taking off his shirt to warm a shivering stray dog.

Fernando Gabriel and his brother Felipe were waiting in line at a subway station in Sao Paulo, Brazil when they found a stray dog ​​shaking by the car window.

It was windy and rainy that day, and Felipe walked towards the stray dog ​​without speaking.
He put down his backpack and began to undress. Gabriel began recording his brother, who took off his shirt and placed it on the cold stray dog. He did it spontaneously. It is touching. ”
It turns out that the shirt was actually Felipe’s favorite but he posted, “the one I liked the most…but it looks better on him.”The stray black dog wagged his tail in appreciation and even got up to watch his hero walk away.
After the brothers showed some love and kindness to the stray puppies, they moved on. When they returned to the station, they looked for the stray dog ​​to go home, but he left. The video went viral, and countless people appreciated it and thanked Felipe for his sympathy for the shaking dog.

Felipe proved that small acts of kindness make the world a better place. He said: “There is no way to change the world, but you can do what you can reach.” Watch the touching moments in the video below, and do not forget to share!

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