Great Dane Throws Funny Temper Tantrum When Owner Doesn’t Pay Attention To Him

we all need attention from time to time. Whether it was when we were all babies or we just wanted our s/o to pay enough attention to us while we are there. Keeping that feeling in mind, we can’t help but start laughing when we see this video of an amazing Great Dane on YouTube. Dogs are the best attention seekers. They will sit and stare at you for hours until they get enough of your attention! They can also be jealous when it comes to where you give your attention.

The Great Dane in this story was faced with that exact situation when his dad was giving cuddles and attention to his dog brother instead of him. Not content with the amount of attention he’d been given so far, the hilarious pooch threw a huge tantrum, and it’s the funniest thing we’ve seen today!

This famous moment was filmed by Ron Cameron and placed on YouTube. The description read:
‘Dinky the great Dane argues and throws a tantrum.’
This amazing video now has nearly 12 million views! People just can’t get enough of the jealous dog.

Ron is seen cuddling up with a black and white dog named RoRo. Dinky, our famous offender, is sitting on the couch and showing off his feelings. He’s growling at all the attention his brother is getting!

“You get up there and lay down – let RoRo have a turn.”

This seems to make Dinky even more irritated. He continues to move and looks over at his human mom who’s filming the whole thing as if to say, “Can I have some backup here?”

“Don’t look at mom, just lay down,” Ron says. “I can give RoRo lovies too!”

Having an adult, the bearded man says something like this is amazing. Our dogs really can turn us all into babies when they get emotional.

Dinky just won’t stop, encouraging his dad to say:

“You’re just tired and cranky. It’s okay for me to love RoRo – it’s your brother.” He continues on, “It’s RoRo’s turn! You get up there and lay down.”

When Dinky hears his dad say that, he gets really angry. Throwing his weight against the couch, he pouts and looks over at the dog who stole the love of his father from him.

People took to the comments to share their love for the pampered pooch, with one user saying:

“Anytime I’m having a ‘ruff’ day, this is one of the vids that can cheer me up. Thanks for posting.”

Someone else added:

“One of the funniest things I find about this is this biker looking guy saying things like; ‘It’s Roo-Roo’s turn to get lovies’”

It’s pretty hilarious to see the tough-looking adult treat two HUGE dogs like they are arguing toddlers.

Another user said:

“LOL Danes are all the same: A baby with the terrible twos trapped inside of a horse’s body.”

Few dogs are so dramatic. I guess that the huge size of Great Danes means they are as jealous as they are huge!

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