Great Dane Puppy Loves Poking His Head Out Of A Car Window To Make Faces

Recently, Kristina Magner, a resident of Palmer, Alaska (United States), made a funny post on her social networks of a charming Great Dane puppy while enjoying the wind. In the video you can see the dog sticking his head out of the moving car, and you can really tell that he was enjoying the ride to the fullest.

Although it really is a somewhat dangerous activity, dogs love to stick their heads out of car windows. They are like little children enjoy being able to feel the wind on their faces and observe everything that happens along the way.

Of course, when Kristina and her family saw the hilarious scene, they wasted no time and decided to document the moment with laughter.


Gran danés ama asomar la cabeza por la ventanilla del auto
Facebook/ Kristina Magner

The family enjoyed the short moment, while the adorable dog made some funny faces during the tour.

Check out the adorable video

And although we cannot deny that it can be a lot of fun to see the faces of our pets while they stick their heads out the window, it is important to avoid these types of situations and put our furry companions in danger.

While the car is in motion there are many possibilities of being affected by the environment; This allows dirt, insects or dust to enter the eyes and ears of our pets, which can lead to subsequent inflammation and visits to the vet.

Cachorro gran danés asoma la cabeza por la ventanilla del auto
Facebook/ Kristina Magner

Not to mention the risk that, thanks to emotion, our pet wants to jump out of the moving vehicle. In addition to the fact that in the middle of a sudden movement, he suffers a blow or is expelled.

Remember that our dog’s safety comes first, and it is best to provide fun with protection. There are glasses for dogs that can protect your best friend for this type of fun, and do not forget that he can still have fun at low speed to avoid any type of incident.

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