A Soldier Carrying His Beloved Pitbull On His Back Saving Him From A Flood

A soldier decided to save the life of his beloved pet amid the floods that hit his country, making it clear to the world what is truly important in such a circumstance.

Despite the great material losses that can be suffered in tragedies like this, the main thing will always be to preserve life, and this involves all classes without making exceptions of species.

This soldier understood that very well.soldado

Large rains hit the Asian country for several weeks, which caused more than 44 Thai provinces to be submerged in the water, causing thousands of victims.

Faced with such an emergency, the military forces and civil protection had to intervene to help those affected and evict the citizens whose lives were in danger.

Within the emergency, pets were also affected.

Without making any kind of distinction, the first responders provided support to both people and their pets and proof of this is the photograph of this soldier with a pit bull on his back.

In the city of Chiang Rai (in the north of the country), the inhabitants ran towards high areas to protect themselves and Theerachot Homjom also embarked on that escape plan but he did not do it alone, but with his friend.

The man threw his puppy on his back before starting the flight.

The pit bull was scaring but he completely trusted his owner and got carried away. Theerajot is a prominent soldier who during the flood also helped the neighbors to evacuate, so he could not ignore the safety of his beloved pet.

The brave soldier carried more than a simple puppy with him, the dog was his best friend and life partner, so it was impossible for him to leave him in the middle of that situation.

The overflowing of the Kuang River would be the immediate trigger for the flood.

While other people struggled to save as many material goods as possible, the soldier only had one “good” that pulsed and felt the same as him: his dog.

“The floods could destroy my house, but not my beautiful dog,” the man told a local media outlet.

The idea of ​​losing his partner led the soldier to star in one of the most emotional scenes in the floods and this was recorded and shared on social networks. As expected, the video went viral.

With his simplicity and determination, the man sent a clear message to the world: the life of animals is also important and it is worth fighting for them.

To believe it, it is only worth seeing how within the nervousness, the man did not stop his intention to save the furry man.

The images show the scared puppy and the tired soldier who walks without giving up to get his pet out of harm’s way, an act that moved everyone and was therefore shared even on television.

“A man carried his stranded pet to safety, as thousands of homes were hit by Tropical Storm Sinlaku in northern Thailand,” they reported.

Although at the time they were recorded, the soldier and his pet were already in a high area where the water level was lower; the recitations made the water reach the inhabitants of Loei even higher than their waists.

According to a report from the authorities, at least two people died and 700 homes were completely destroyed.

These natural disasters leave a lot of pain in their wake.

This whole situation ended with hundreds of victims and the local resident, Rattiya Panich, regretted being one of them.

“The flood came very quickly, my family and I could not catch almost anything,” said the woman in a local television outlet.


Many people have every chance to take care of their pet and do not, but incur a thousand and one forms of negligence. But this is not the case with this soldier, if his puppy would be loyal to him until death, because he would also respond to him in the same way.

His courage and love lead us to thank him for saving the animal and teaching the world with his great example.

Fortunately, both the man and the dog were saved and also reminded us that love pays with love, so: Never stop fighting to save what you truly love!

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