Golden Retriever Knows Exactly How To Keep His Little Brother At Bay

Sara Morrow, who resides with her family and her beloved animals in a rural area of ​​Oregon in the United States, enjoys seeing the personality of her dog Murphy, a golden retriever who is in charge of 5 cats, 21 little chicks, a rabbit and two pigs. The lovable leader of this varied pack is always making sure everything is in order in his home.

Things got a little different when Sara considered including an adorable and mischievous English setter named Archie in her family. With the new member, Murphy’s hard work got a little more hectic than usual, but the smart golden knows how to keep his little brother at bay.

Sara told The Dodo:

“Murphy loves to chase birds, he loves to swim, he loves when we have chicks, snuggling with our cat Toodles, and going on a hike. He and our rabbit, Delilah, love each other so much that they each dug a hole on either side of the fence to get to each other. He is a gentle giant who loves everyone.


Perro cuida a pollitos
Imagen/ Sara Morrow

Despite all the extra work Archie puts in for his older brother, he loves him with all his might.

Sara says:

Murphy and Archie hit it off right away. Archie follows him around and Murphy plays the hall monitor. If Archie is playing too hard with one of the cats… [Murphy] stands in the middle, lies down and lets Archie look at him.

Golden Retriever sabe mantener a raya a su hermanito
Imagen/ Sara Morrow

On some occasions when little Archie’s energy peaks too high, Murphy immediately asserts his authority. Golden retrievers are characterized by the softness to transport items with their mouth, so Murphy uses his abilities to calm his restless brother.

So his best technique for stopping Archie in moments of chaos is to use his soft, wide mouth as a mechanism for punishment or distraction.

Perro sabe mantener a raya a su hermanito
Imagen/ Sara Morrow

Sara was never scared when she saw Murphy’s reaction, she is completely sure of her dog’s personality and knows that he would never harm any of his brothers and although now Archie has grown up and his brother could no longer put his head in his mouth, always find a way to calm him down.

Sara added:

Murphy is kind to all the animals we have. He has never shown any aggression.

Golden Retriever y su hermanito
Imagen/ Sara Morrow

Murphy is the great protector of his family, he knows it and enjoys his role in the home; He is a gentle boy and full of love.

Finally, Sara added:

Murphy is everyone’s kind protector. and Archie is definitely the little brother trying to get away with it. “

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