Golden Retriever Crosses The Lake To Go To The Neighboring Camp Every Day

Animals amaze us more and more with their ability to do things we could barely imagine. This golden retriever dog has a favorite pastime of swimming in the lake.

Amanda Vermeer used to work at a lakeside camp, and whenever she or anyone else sees a dog in the distance, happily swimming in the lake, no one is surprised or frightened. It’s just Thunder, and he does it almost every day.

The golden is about 10 years old now, but since he was little he swims daily from his home to the camp across the lake. It’s his routine now, and no matter how hard his family tries to stop him, he always finds a way to do it.


“I really believe swimming in the lake is his favorite part of the whole place, but he really enjoys wandering from tent to tent saying hi to everyone and seeing how far he can go before he gets caught,” Amanda told The Dodo.

In addition, she also believes that as visitors sometimes give him small scraps of food, Thunder also sees this as a bonus to continuing to wander around the camp.

Whenever any of the local workers or regular customers notice Thunder’s presence, his tutor receives a call to let him know that Thunder was swimming across the lake again. At this point in history, everyone has the man’s number saved in their phones. They all know they will need it regularly.

“If its owner doesn’t get a call sooner, as soon as he sees Thunder left again, he gets in his truck and patrols the lake looking for him,” Amanda said. “He can usually be found at the camp, so this is the first part of his quest. Thunder doesn’t swim home because he has a lot of fun in his adventures.”

Thunder’s family has made a number of different attempts to get him to stay on their side of the lake, but at this point, they’ve kind of accepted that he’s a part of who Thunder is. ​”I’ll never stop him from swimming… It’s what he loves. I would never take that away from him. I just wish I could teach him how to swim home”, said the dog’s father in an SMS to Amanda.

The golden seems to know that eventually he will be caught at the camp and his father will come to get him. It’s almost like a game to him. Swim across the lake, then see how long you can stay at camp before someone catches you. So far he has a winning streak.

“He’s always very proud of himself when he hits the shore and comes out of the water, as if to say ‘Tada! Look, I’m home!’” he continues. “Whenever he hears his owner’s truck coming up, his tail starts wagging and he’s excited, like, ‘Hey, this is my dad!’”

Swimming in the lake is definitely Thunder’s favorite part of the day. He is a lake dog through and through, and his family, as well as everyone else who lives along the lake, come to accept that this is already part of who he is.

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