Golden Dog Earns The Title Of “Best Husband” With His Unique Ways Of Taking Care Of His Pregnant Partner

Just the presence of a dog is enough to conquer the hearts of all of us who recognize that they are beings full of love that come to brighten our lives. Now, seeing them fulfill the role of father and loving partner is one of the most adorable and tender scenes that we can contemplate.

This is the story of a beautiful Golden Retriever who has conquered the hearts of Internet users around the world, after the way he cared for his partner during pregnancy went viral.

The dog became the best guardian for his partner and all his puppies.


The adoptive parents of this beautiful canine duo recorded them sleeping very close to each other. It was only enough for the future dog mom to move for the puppy to wake up and run to the switch, then she regulated the temperature of the room using the thermostat.

This adorable scene already leaves a lot to talk about, however, it is only the beginning of everything that this beautiful puppy does to make sure that his partner and mother of his puppies is completely comfortable.

This fluffy and cute ball of fur surprised everyone when he took a cup in his mouth and headed to the kitchen. He put her in the sink, reached out her little paw and turned on the faucet.

Only seconds later he walks happily towards his partner, taking soft but firm steps and with a mischievous face, as if celebrating his great feat. Of course, his partner greets him with excitement and finishes his drink.

Among other things they do together, this adorable doggy gentleman makes sure his partner is healthy, he himself takes the leash and accompanies the dog for a short but comforting walk in the park. His human parents look from afar at the canine couple that exudes love and tenderness.

They return home and the faithful puppy seems to have no rest, he continues doing activities to please the dog, he goes to the kitchen and accompanies his human to prepare dinner.

While one of his favorite people prepares the food, the puppy seems to help him with the cleanup by eating the little crumbs that fall on the floor, while the pregnant dog takes another nap.

He seems to be the perfect companion not only for his partner but for his humans, he is always aware that the beings around him are well and feel happy.

At dinner time he behaves like a gentleman, he may be very hungry but he lets the mother of his puppies feed first.

When the dog didn’t want to go out for a walk anymore, her human parents knew she was going into labor, so they set up a more comfortable place for her. What at first was just a space for the furry couple, became the best love nest for a happy family.

One by one the puppies came into this world, their adoptive parents were present and helped her with the cleaning of the puppies before they were nursed by their mother.

The sweet little dog eventually became the father of seven puppies, each with their own colorful necklace, together they resemble a rainbow.

During his partner’s pregnancy, the puppy proved to be the best companion, now that he is a father, he continues to do the same activities.

This time he not only takes care of the dog but his whole family, he loves seeing his pups snuggled up next to the mother while he watches them from a distance.


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