German Shepherd Adopts Baby Goat And Treat Him As Her Own Puppy

The love dogs have for their owners is something truly precious. To experience it is to know love in its best form. Sometimes a dog will also share that love with another animal, and even animals from another species.
But sometimes animals take this love even further. We’ve all seen the stories about a cute cat taking care of an abandoned litter of kittens or a dog raising a puppy that is not her own. In some cases, we’ve even seen animals intervene and care for another species such as a dog raising a tiger cub or a monkey tenderly caring for a tiny kitten.

These stories are always special and teach us lessons about how unconditional love can be. Some are more amazing than others. Take, for example, this white German shepherd who adopted an adorable baby pygmy goat, who thinks she’s her mother.

The adorable German shepherd cuddles with her baby goat and kindly wags her tail in happiness, just as all proud momma dogs do. The beautiful tiny goat snuggles up close to her canine nanny, nestled into the dog’s fluffy side.

According to the shepherd’s owners, Shadow has been taking care of the baby goat as if it was one of her own puppies. Her little goatlet is cute and she is super soft and loving toward her.
She loves to cuddle up close and give the goat lots of kisses. She surely is happy and smiling in her video. The baby goat seems happy to be with her dog mom in the living room, without a care in the world with a brave German shepherd looking out for her.

When this baby gets a little bigger, surely the two of them will have plenty of fun together. They’ll probably run and jump and quickly outgrow that living room. But for right now, Shadow is content to care for her new baby and the scene could not be more amazing.
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