Gentle Dog Sweetly Watches Over Orphaned Baby Squirrel As He Sleeps

When it comes to helping those in need, dogs have the kindest souls. That’s why the most unusual connections the animal kingdom creates are about dogs. So we can easily call them everyone’s best buddies and not just men’s best buddies. This time a caring Labrador and an orphan baby squirrel prove to everyone that friendship has no limit.

Millie the Lab and her mom, Abbey Harrison were enjoying a sunny day in the backyard when they came upon something really interesting. Avery tiny creature was standing next to a fallen tree. When getting closer Abbey realized the small animal was a baby squirrel. But even scared, the tiny creature wasn’t shy at all when meeting Millie. The two interacted for a few times, but Abbey was still trying to find the little one’s family.

The woman looked around and waited for hours, but the baby squirrel’s mom wasn’t found. Since the extremely tiny squirrel and her Lab were already getting along very well, Abbey decided to help the tiny creature. At least until he would be able to live in the wild with his own strenght. Abbey and her family named him ‘Squirrel’. But it was Millie whose heart got warmed when realizing she will have a little brother and obviously a play partner.

Tiny ‘Squirrel’ proved to be more energetic than anyone thought and he chased Millie all day long. Abbey even made him a soft bed out of boxes, but he didn’t look interested in them. The tiny little eventually fell asleep onto a yoga mat and that when happened the cutest moment. As her newest friend was sleeping, Millie laid down next to him and patiently watched over him, just like a mom watches over her baby!

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