Fu Fu The Cat That Starts Crying To The Camera When His Owner Leaves The House

Cats are famous for their independent demeanor and not caring about anyone. We always just think that once the front door closes they go about their business completely careless by our absence.

However, some security camera footage showed us the opposite of this.

The cute little feline named Fu Fu, who is a British Shorthair living in the eastern Chinese city of Xuzhou, has been dubbed the “left-behind cat” on social media after he was seeing crying on camera.

Fu Fu was left at home by his owner, Ms. Meng, while she went to her parent’s house to celebrate the Lunar New Year.

However, Fu Fu couldn’t come with her since he is a bit of a shy kitty. She was worried that he might feel scared or out of his element if she brought him into an entirely new environment.

Ms. Meng assumed that he would be perfectly happy by himself at home. Cats love to be alone, right?

Well, it turns out that Fu Fu wasn’t really happy about this.

Ms. Meng made sure she left her beloved feline with plenty of food and water, but she did still check in on him through a monitor. And that is when she saw that the cat’s eyes filled up with tears!

Watch it here:

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