The World’s largest Sea Turtle Emerges From The Sea and It’s Stunning

Turtles are magnificent creatures. One that is seen by tourists on this beach, is believed to be the biggest sea turtle that exists in the world.

This turtle with a leatherback emerged from the sea and was lying in the sand but then returned to the ocean.

These turtles are among the largest of all species and it’s not a common experience to spot them resting on the shoreline. Their distinctiveness is due to their tear-shaped body and their massive fins. This is why they are able to navigate oceans and adapt to changing changes in the current. Their frontal fins the leatherback sea turtles can reach 8.9 feet higher than other sea turtle. However, it’s not their sole characteristic.

The most obvious is that they do not have bones and carapace, but the skin is very thick and looks like leather, which is the origin of their name.The leatherback turtle is usually dark grey or black with a few white spots. It’s so beautiful! Watch this video of a leatherback spotted on the beach.

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