Former Pilot Of The Kindly Army Bought A Plane Just To Rescue Animals That Would Be Euthanized

Military personnel and police are constantly seen as mean or heartless people. However, former army pilot Paul Steklenski decided to buy his own plane to help animals that have difficulty in being adopted and would be euthanized.

Paul is the founder of the Flying Fur Animal Rescue project and currently travels across the US to bring dogs and cats to rescue that can help them.

We know that some of the cruel shelters tend to sacrifice animals that have been around for a long time and have not yet been adopted or to contain the overcrowding. The problem is that usually these little furry ones are completely healthy and just need to be given a second chance. Now Paul helps them gain a loving home.

It all started when I was looking for a perfect puppy to buy. Upon meeting Tessa, he found that adopting that dog from an animal shelter could make a difference. The little puppy had changed him and he now knew he needed to do as much as he could to help animals that would be euthanized in shelters.

Then, in May 2015, he set up the Flying Fur Animal Rescue and says he has single-handedly saved over 2000 animals since then, many of which have been neglected or abused.

Paul Steklenski

“Knowing that on that half day off you took off work, you were able to get 15 more animals out of a slaughterhouse and rescue them,” Steklenski told The Dodo, “I mean, this is for me, is the best.”

The love is so much that Paul even raised money to buy his own plane, a Beechcraft Bonanza, which costs about $70,000. Plus, he even left work to fly dogs more often.

Now, his next goal to be fulfilled is to have a dedicated farm in Pennsylvania with an airstrip so he can fly directly with the animals where the organization can have an admission, adoption and rehabilitation center.

“I still don’t know how I’m going to get there and it’s going to cost a lot of money. But that’s my challenge. Now it’s my responsibility to figure out how to get us where we need to be.”

Paul hopes to inspire others to get involved in rescuing stray animals as well. We imagine this is already happening because of how exciting your story is!

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