Firefighters Pay Heartwaming Tribute To Their Firehouse Station Dog!

A beautiful tribute for your firehouse furbaby. May journey home to Heaven be a peaceful one with Jesus by his side walking him over the Rainbow Bridge.

He worked with them for 10 years and deserved this special farewell…

Negro, a black dog who was a firehouse dog for 10 years, got an emotional send-off by the firefighters within the Chilean city of Iquique after he died.

Unfortunately, Negro died on March, 6, 2018, at age 14 after devoting his life to assisting firefighters in saving people.

So the firefighters decided to give Negra a special farewell, who was given “honorary firefighter” as a rank.

They put the dog in a specially made white coffin and carried it to b.u.ry during a plot near the hearth station.

They also planted a tree nearby in his memory. RIP Negro, you surely deserve that.

Pets are the best human companions in life. They will never you.

Thank all of you firefighter’s for giving your loyal and loving fur baby the respect he earned and deserved may he rest in peace very sorry for your of such a precious member of your family.?????


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