FedEx Delivery Delivered A Lost Dog Back To His Home

Last week, a FedEx courier went out of his way to deliver an unusual 27kg package to the Menzies family’s doorstep in Castle Pines, Colorado.

The Menzies were doing repair work on their home while out of town. When his contractor left for his lunch, the wind suddenly opened the door. Catcher, the family’s 3-year-old Golden Retriever, couldn’t resist the rare opportunity to explore the world on her own. The dog ran out of the house and ventured dangerously close to the main street. Fortunately, an attentive FedEx deliveryman spotted Catcher before an accident occurred.

Lisa Menzies, owner of Catcher, surmises that the delivery man must have seen the dog roaming the neighborhood and delivered it to the address on its license plate.
Fortunately for us, the family doorbell camera captured the moment of heroism. The video shows the driver getting out of his truck with the fluffy package and delivering it safely to the Menzie house, closing the door behind him.

Lisa is grateful for the delivery boy’s act of heroism: “He interrupted her day and her package delivery schedule to pick her up, take her to our house, and close the door behind him. I don’t want to think about where else it could have ended, “he told to Fox News.

Later, Lisa expressed her gratitude on Twitter and called the delivery man the “hero of the family.” Despite her efforts to reach him, she has yet to discover the identity of the driver.

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