Farmer Saves Newborn Calf From Freezing In The Snow By Taking Him To Hot Tub

Many animals withstand cold weather. They can get seriously sick or be in life danger if they are not kept warm. However, sometimes, humans can find a very unexpected solution to save them and surprise us. Just like the way a farmer saved a baby cow’s life from freezing in the snow.

Dean Gangwer has cattle on his farm in Rossville, Indiana. One cold morning in 2015, Dean found a new addition to his farm.

One of his cows had given birth without him noticing in the middle of the night. Unluckily, she had delivered her baby calf onto a pile of snow, and the newborn was about to freeze.
Dean could see the calf was barely breathing and having a hard time keeping his eyes open. He took the cow to his home in a rush to try to save its life.
Thanks to his cattle experience, he knew he needed to get the calf in a hot bath… and Dean happened to have the perfect cow-sized bath ready to go: his hot tub!

Unusual as it sounds, the plan worked like a miracle.
“I jumped in fully dressed, held Leroy up so he didn’t drown, and him and I had a nice bath for an hour,” Dean told WRTV. “We both came out warm and I think the end story’s gonna be great for him.”

After that comforting jacuzzi session, the farmer wrapped his calf in warm heated blankets.

He named the calf Leroy. Soon, the cow’s body temperature returned to normal, and he was ready to join the herd.

It was a kind and unusual idea to save this little cow’s life, but this farmer says sharing his hot tub with the cows won’t be a regular thing.

“Leroy’s officially done hot-tubbing,” he said. “Some sunbathing is definitely in his future out in the grass, but definitely his hot tub days are done.”

Thank you to this quick-thinking farmer for saving this calf’s life! Share this inspiring story!

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