Farmer Discovers That A Three-day-old Miniature Horse Is Just Chasing Him

Animals are very sensitive and intelligent beings that somehow know how to identify kind humans. Sterling Bartow is a farmer who managed to steal the heart of a miniature horse when he was only a couple of days old.

The cuddly baby chases Sterling everywhere and loves to play with him while his devoted mother watches them from a distance. Sterling’s sweet friendship with his animals is a clear sign of the inexhaustible love he gives them every day.

“He has three days and he won’t stop chasing Sterling. I can’t believe it, ”said the woman recording the video.

A few days ago, the cute Grace gave birth to her baby Sammy. Miniature horses are adorable because of their size and cute looks, even as adults. This makes little newborns that much more irresistible. Luckily, mother and son have the help of the dedicated Sterling.

Sterling was present at Sammy’s birth. She wanted to make sure everything was in order and it didn’t take her long to make a nice friendship with the little one. Days later, Sammy did not stop following him and this became their favorite hobby. In a cute video, a woman decided to record them to show the cute miniature horse and its enormous bond with the farmer.

In the images you can see Sterling running from one place to another. The sweet Sammy chases after him as fast as he can and once he manages to catch up with him, he approaches his knees sweetly to ask him for some pampering. The game continues for a couple of minutes and the woman who recorded the video can be heard completely stunned to see the enormous affection that exists between this pair.

Best of all, the dedicated mother, Grace, came gently over to keep an eye on her baby. She knows that with Sterling, Sammy will be safe and sound; but her mother instinct makes her want to be very close to her baby all the time. When the fun play session came to an end, Grace looked for Sammy and he walked beside her like a very obedient little boy.

“Don’t worry, Grace. They are playing, ”said the woman to the dedicated mother.

Many confuse miniature horses with ponies but in reality, they are different. Miniature horses have proportions very similar to those of horses but a little smaller. They are usually less than 86 centimeters. That is less than a conventional horse but a bit more than ponies.

They have a very varied coat and have begun to become popular in various parts of the world as pets.

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