Faithful Dog Does Not Leave Her Injured Owner’s Side Even For A Second

An unfortunate domestic accident showed a family the great loyalty that their pet, the most faithful pit bull dog of all, had for them.

It is no secret to anyone that dogs establish a deep bond with their humans very quickly, even if they are not entirely affectionate with the animal, and the Newell family has verified that no one is more loving than their furry one.

This dog did not leave the side of her injured owners, after a fire.

Jimmy Newell is a 65-year-old blind man who lives in Landover Hills, United States, and unfortunately suffered a significant loss when his house caught fire. At that time he and his daughter were inside the residence but managed to grope out of the place, with the intention of escaping from danger.

Next to them was their dog Precious, who was not left alone in the place, much less her defenseless puppy.

But when Jimmy thought he had escaped something unexpected happened.

His daughter lost consciousness and fell on a field near the house, apparently the gases inhaled during the accident had had an effect on her, and the adrenaline of the moment made her pass out.

As she lay, Jimmy was suffering from burns on his face and his house was on fire. But next to him was the cute little dog who acted with great intelligence and dedication.

It seemed that the little animal knew what was happening and protected its owners until the last minute.

The pit bull stayed next to Jimmy and the unconscious woman to prevent anyone from approaching and hurting them. Precious knew that she had to protect them. In fact, when the fire crew and paramedics arrived, the dog was defensive and protective.

Precious didn’t want anyone to get close to the man and his owner, but the team knew they had to be taken care of and they controlled the situation with the loyal dog to save Jimmy.

Given the injuries, the man was treated and transferred to a clinical center. Similarly, the dog and her puppy that had escaped from the house were taken to a shelter.

The man and his daughter managed to recover but an unexpected twist completely changed the story.

It turns out that due to a state law dating back to 1997, this breed of dog is prohibited in Maryland. Despite the dog’s excellent behavior, the canine could no longer return to her family.

Jimmy tried to appeal the decision of the authorities but there was no way to reach a favorable resolution.

It was impossible for the dog to return to his side.

To prevent the canine and her puppy from ending their days in a shelter, the man decided to give them up for adoption to a son who lives in another state of the country where the possession of pit bulls as pets is not prohibited.

Although it’s not entirely fair, after losing his home, that was the most viable way for Jimmy to keep the loyal dog that had always been by his side.

Even during the accident, she didn’t want to leave him and he wasn’t ready to either.

Sometimes the laws seem quite arbitrary to us, but there is no other option than to respect them. Sure, it was a difficult situation for the furry one to separate from her owner, but now all the love and fidelity that she felt for him must be given to his son.

We are happy to know that the canine is part of a grateful family that is not willing to leave her alone. Thanks to this little friend for being an example of loyalty.

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