Excited Horse Gets Stuck While Trying To Reach To The Mare

We have all committed many crazy things when we have been in love, our instincts are sometimes much stronger than common sense. Now imagine how it is in animals. That they have much less rationalism and when it comes time to express their feelings, they see nothing else, they follow their instincts. Unfortunately, things don’t always go perfectly, desperation doesn’t allow them to coordinate well, and some accidents happen.

This was the case with a horse that got stuck in a gate, inside a nature reserve in Rochester, Kent, while trying to catch up with females on the other side of the reserve. According to the inspector to the Daily Mail, Tina Nash. The horse was trying to reach the mares when the five-foot gate got in the way of the animal. Although it does not seem too high, it turns out that this horse is not the best jumper and ran with the bad luck of getting stuck with so much excitement.

Turns out it’s heavy, so they had to call the Kent Fire and Rescue Service. Who should have planned very well how to get it out of there. This was quite a process, since they had to keep the horse as calm as possible, so that no one would get hurt. The moment the horse was calm, they decided to carefully tie some ribbons around its body. To later lift it with a crane, distributing the weight and avoiding hurting the horse. When they got out of that situation, the horse was taken to the vet, who found some injuries, but none of them serious, in a few days he will recover completely.

It turns out that there is no fence everywhere, had he continued walking he would not have had the need to jump to look for the females. But apparently the emotion blinded him, as if he were wearing blinders, he only looked in one direction and looked for what he wanted, the action with those mares. We hope that after this accident, this horse learns its lesson and learns to control its impulses. And well, to ask someone to open the door for you if you can’t find another way. If not, you will have to deal with another jam, and this one was certainly not comfortable at all.

Although the security forces acted quickly, he must have waited in that position and did not stop the desire to hang out with some mares from the reserve.

Below you can see the video of the rescue of this horse that was only following its natural instincts:


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