Everyone Were Surprised On The Beach When They See His Calf That He Is Convinced Is Just Another Puppy

When we think about having a pet, it is not uncommon for the first thing that comes to mind is a puppy, a kitten, a rabbit, or even a parakeet. But what nobody imagines is that nothing less than a cow becomes the spoiled of a family, and even worse that it is convinced that it is actually a dog.

It is the tender story of the sweetest calf, which is stealing thousands of hearts, in Broome, a coastal city in Australia.

Peanut is a rescued Brahmin calf who lives with his owner and 6 other canine siblings

As Broome is such a tourist city, it is common to see people walking on the beach with their pets, most of them dogs.

That is why it is inevitable that Edward Foy, the owner of Peanut, is stopped by everyone to see him enjoy the sea and nature so leisurely, as if it were just another puppy.

The little cow-calf cannot go unnoticed in the middle of the white sand. Even less does he do it in the crystal clear water, where he bathes with his master and his dogs. He definitely swears he’s a dog like any other.

At just 2 months old, he lives in a small suburb near Broome, where he shares with pigs, chickens, peacocks, six dogs and of course, his beloved owner.

However, life has not been easy for him. He was found on the side of the road after his mother was killed by a car.

“He was just born at that time and he was smelling his mother’s remains, the umbilical cord was still attached to her,” Foy said.

Fortunately, he managed to survive and today he is enjoying his new life as a member of the Foy family. The young man has not hesitated to make great sacrifices so that he grows up healthy and happy, to the point that he has been forced to satisfy his voracious hunger, since he drinks up to 19 liters of a “special formula for calves”, for which he pays 250 euros a month.

The owner of Peanut assures that she is not a normal cow at all, a situation that could be due to the upbringing that he has given her since she joined the family.

“He has never seen another cow before, so as far as he is concerned he is a dog and has acquired the same personality as a dog, I usually accompany him to the beach and he will follow me all the way while I go fishing.

Regarding Peanut’s future, Foy says he doesn’t feel worried, especially about his horns, as he would feel guilty if he took them off. In this regard, he confesses that he already has the solution: “I’ll take two pool noodles and put them on. So when it hits you, it will feel like soft rubber. ”

See in this video what the life of sweet Peanut is like, who could convince him that he is not a dog ?:

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