Emotional Moments Of The Puppy Devastated By The Sight Of His Owner Suffering From Machine

When a puppy comes into our lives, he does not stop showing us with facts and truth that he is a creature full of infinite love, an authentic being of light sent as a gift to support us when we believe that everything is lost.

And it is that, definitely with their mere presence they can make the most overwhelming pain decrease with a simple caress of their paws, or their sweet look to tell us that everything will be fine.

This was demonstrated by Mao Mao, an adorable golden retriever puppy who has given his full support and unconditional love to the man who has done so much for him for years, and now he is in a delicate state of health.

Certainly, dogs, in addition to being faithful, will never forget when someone treated them with so much love.

The bond between a puppy and its owner is as deep as that between a father and his son.


This beautiful ball of fur belongs to Mr. Shao, together they live in Henan province, China.

From the first day they met, they both created a beautiful bond, the puppy became Shao’s unconditional friend, accompanying him to do his daily tasks and solve the small problems that arose.

However, Shao’s health condition deteriorated over time, at the age of 56 he had heart problems and began to suffer from high blood pressure.

The little dog does not leave his grieving owner’s side for a single second.

Due to his failing health, Mr. Shao must now be connected to a mechanical ventilator at night or during the day.

This process is quite delicate and painful. Given this, his beautiful puppy seems to recognize all the suffering to which his favorite person is submerged, and he has decided to become the best guardian angel to care for and comfort the one he loves so much.

Mao Mao has proven to be a faithful puppy in the face of the delicate situation that Shao is going through.

Unfortunately, it’s inevitable that puppies sense when their owners are in emotional crisis or sick. From what they also suffer from, Mao Mao was no exception.

Shao’s relatives noted the puppy’s deep sadness at seeing his owner hooked up to a machine.

What they experienced seeing the distraught furry who seemed to perfectly understand the suffering of his beloved human was truly heartbreaking and moving.

See how the little dog takes care of his sick owner with all gentleness and love:

With the intention of recording such an emotional moment, they recorded an exciting video that they shared on the networks, and since then, it has moved thousands of Internet users.

Mao Mao is by far one of the most faithful and loving puppies we can meet. Mr. Shao commented on this:

“Every time I put the respirator on, the dog seems to have sensed something, like he knows I’m sick. He only gets up when I wake up. I have never seen such an intelligent dog. He is like my real family.”

The furry one really suffered to see his owner like this and would do anything to comfort him

They say that the most sincere and loving caress can relieve even the greatest pain and nothing better than the caresses of a puppy to remind us that everything will be fine.

With scenes like this we cannot dare to affirm that they do not realize things, that they do not have feelings, or much worse that they are not capable of understanding in depth the meaning of loyalty and fidelity.

This incredible puppy watching over his master’s dream is one of the most beautiful things you will see today.

Puppies are angels without wings that fill our lives with beautiful footprints full of infinite love. Let’s fill the world with emotional stories and hopefully we humans know how to respond up to such enormous self-sacrifice by never abandoning or mistreating them.

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