Emotional Goodbye Of Mother Dog For Her Puppy Knowing That He Will Have A Better Life

The emotional farewell of a dog and her puppy is stirring the feelings of many people’s hearts. Depending on the breed and its size, the number of pups that a dog can have throughout its life varies. But it is no secret to anyone that many of these families are separated. This dog has suffered this situation in her own flesh.

It is difficult for a person to keep all the pups of a furry one and that is why adoption is always recommended, so that all the puppies have a better life. The matter becomes almost exhaustive when we talk about the case of stray dogs and that is precisely what has happened in this story. A dog that lives on the affection and generosity of the students of the University of Zhengzhou in the province of Henan, China, has been recorded at the moment that she says goodbye to one of her puppies.

A girl on a motorcycle goes after the dog to give him a better life than what could be expected on the street, and it seems that the dog understands very well what is happening. She sees in the distance the young woman who has gone for her little one and walks towards them to say goodbye to her puppy. The young woman, moved, brings the puppy closer to her mother so that she can say goodbye properly and the scene is heartbreaking. The dog’s eyes reflect the sad feelings of the mother saying goodbye to her baby. Both the girl on the motorcycle and the person she records are carried away by the emotional scene, and one of them comments that the dog seems to understand what is happening.

The young woman was not wrong, since this puppy was the twelfth that the dog had, and it was her turn to give it up for adoption. She had somehow already experienced that pain. “I feel like she has fired her puppies multiple times,” says the person she records. “Four times and then seven. He is the twelfth puppy,” replies the student who is adopting the puppy. One of the young women on the recording also says that she thinks the dog should not be separated from her puppy. For some people it is easy to believe that animals do not understand or do not feel when they are separated from their children, but this dog denies that theory.

When the young woman approaches her puppy, the mother begins to smell it and kiss it. That is the last physical contact with the being she brought to life and she takes full advantage of it. As if the moment wasn’t emotional enough, at one point the dog separates from the puppy and decides to leave. The dog starts walking, surely with a broken heart and thus culminates the video of her that she has so touched everyone on social networks.

It seems that the dog could suffer from a kind of mastitis, but the poor thing will continue on her path that she has done the best for her baby. May this story make us reflect and protect these puppies that need us so much. This dog made it clear that her heart holds feelings like any other mother.

You can watch the heartbreaking video of this mother saying goodbye to her beloved son below:


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