Each One Claimed To Be The Owner Of The Puppy, Until The Judge Decided That The Poodle Should Choose

A man was so desperate for the departure of his poodle puppy that he decided to take the case to the well-known Judy Judy show. It all started when Baby Boy got lost from home.

His owner searched for him for days but a few weeks later he discovered that there was a woman with a puppy identical to his. When confronted, the woman claimed that she had bought it from a poodle vendor and that she was the sole owner.

The poor man was devastated. Dealing with the disappearance of a puppy is hard enough. In his case, it had not only been stolen but also sold and the new owner seemed unwilling to even talk to him.

They both seemed really fond of Baby Boy. After all, little dogs always find a way to steal the hearts of anyone they come across.

Desperate to get his best friend back, the man took the case to the reality show. At first, Judge Judy didn’t really know how to deal with the situation. She listened to their point of view but after much thought, she decided that the best thing would be to see the puppy that had caused so much trouble.

The furry ones cannot speak but their gestures, movements and kisses are so clear that sometimes they manage to communicate with much more joy and clarity than any human.

The tense moment was captured on video. Everyone in the court was eager to find out what the puppy’s reaction would be. A young woman walked in there with Baby Boy in her arms and released him in the middle of the two people fighting for him. The result left everyone speechless.

The poodle did not hesitate for a second and went at full speed towards the man, its former owner. The judge did not need more than that to finally make a decision. He gave the man permission to take Baby Boy in his arms and the devoted dog father burst into tears.

“That puppy knew very well who he wanted to be with,” celebrated a user on the networks.

After so long he was finally able to meet again and hug his best friend. The woman tried to defend herself and claimed that the poodle did that to any stranger. However, the judge’s decision was final.

“The woman may have stolen the dog. The joy of the puppy when he meets the man again leaves no room for doubt, “celebrated a netizen.

Once the episode was broadcast, it went viral. Until today it has been one of the most talked-about cases of the reality show. This is an important reminder that we must protect our puppies with a microchip.

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