Due To Quarantine In Italy, Swans Appear Again In The Canals Of Venice

In recent days, Italy has been in its forties as the number of deaths related to the coronavirus has risen to 2,158 and more than 27,980 have been infected.

On Monday, 349 new cases were reported in the country and more and more cases are being reported almost every minute.

There is no question that the situation is overwhelming and tense, but the emerging epidemic has an advantage for nature.

As Italy is in quarantine, the streets are empty, the shops are closed, and NO2 pollution levels have also dropped significantly.

The water flowing through the canals in Venice has become clearer after so long due to reduced pollution. The fish have returned and so have the swans.

It was not enough time for this incredible event to happen.

While some citizens were surprised to see other life forms come to life during the quarantine, others blamed humans for affecting our nature.

A tragic ray of light to the epidemic.

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